SC89 - Are Switch supply issues gone for good?

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      • I couldn’t figure out how to see the name, but someone reviewed the show in the podbean app (which I didn’t know you could even review shows there)  Anyway they said, I love this podcast.  SwitchCraft is my favourite source of Nintendo News.

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      • Hi Bill,

        We are starting to see some of those graphically intensive games like NBA 2K18 and FIFA 18 played on the Switch. They seem to have a lot of problems running on the Switch.

        Do you think we will have the same problem as we did with the Wii U where 3rd party developers will stop trying to make these games on the Switch?

        Seems like they are having the same problems bringing games to the Switch that they had for the Wii U.  The big difference is the success of the Switch versus the failure of the Wii U. Developers have a big incentive now to get their games on the Switch where they didn’t have that on the Wii U.  It just seems like too big of a task and I imagine it’s a lot of work for these developers to try and put these games on the Switch.

        Should we accept the Switch as a system mainly for Nintendo made games and smaller indie type games?

        Love the show.



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      • Per your comment on the podcast, I still play ARMS and love that game.  No Pokken for me either. - Crzylgs15

      • agreed @crzylgs15. ARMS is a much more fresh fighting game than Pokken

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    • ARMS 3.1 is here

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    • Darkest Dungeon announced for the Switch

    • Mario Odyssey is playable at some Best Buy locations.

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    • Have not played anything since last episode.  

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    • Wii Shop channel shutting down Jan 1, 2019 (Thanks DomVonDoom on Discord)

    • Golf Story Dev adds sound to HD Rumble Thanks Super Nintendad on Discord

    • Battle Chasers Nightwar coming to Switch 11/28

    • Skyrim weighing in at 14.37 gb  Thanks to Nintendad again!

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    • Oct 2

      • 88 Heroes :  99 Heroes edition

  • That is all we have time for today, if there is a story that I missed let me know!

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