Shovel Knight: King of Cards Delayed again.

I’m a huge fan of Shovel Knight, I adored playing through that game. My son and I used single Joy-Cons to play through it multiplayer. It was really great and probably one of the best co-op experiences ever. I was pretty disappointed that you couldn’t play as Plague Knight / Specter Knight in a co-op form, but those are still fantastic ways to play the game.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting King Knights part of this game, and every direct I’ve been hyped about the things we saw, but a little sad that we didn’t see something from Yacht Club Games. April 9th was supposed to be the day, but alas, it was too much to hope for.

We estimate several months– at most! This is not a major delay so much as more space to bring everything together for a polished and complete finale. As always, these last steps require coordination with many teams beyond our own.
We realize the delay is disappointing. To communicate better with everyone moving forward, we will not be announcing a new date until we know one for sure, from all partners involved. All builds shipped out, updates ready to launch, for everybody and everyone. We will announce it for good once it is 100% all across the board!

Yacht Club Games

While I’m disappointed we’ll have to wait longer for King Knight, I’m fine with a delay. This game deserves to be as amazing as the rest have been and if Yacht Club needs more time, then by all means take it.


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