Xbox and Nintendo

Rumors have been flying about for a bit now. Ever since Xbox announced that they were bringing their XDK to other platforms. Android / iOS and Switch. I spoke about this on a previous episode of the podcast. As if that wasn’t interesting enough. Nintendo had their Nintendo Direct on the 13th of this month and included was Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. A Microsoft published game. Now the rumors are going bananas.

Keep in mind that these are rumors and should take taken with a grain of salt. Ori and the Blind Forest as well as Cuphead may be making their way to the Nintendo Switch. I have both of these games on PC, they are fantastic. And it is going to be very difficult to not pony up the dough to buy them all over again. As if that wasn’t enough for you, there have also been rumblings that Halo, Gears or War, and Forza could be heading to Nintendo Switch as well, as well as Xbox Game Pass.

It certainly makes sense for both parties. Microsoft sells their console at a loss, and has always done so. The real money maker for them is selling the games as well as the services. Microsoft would get a whole new audience to sell their services to, and Nintendo would get a whole bunch of new games on their platform. It seems like we could end up squarely back in the days of Wii 360.

You might ask, where is Sony in all this? Foolishly playing by themselves because they are the market leader and are terrified that anyone else could steal the spotlight.


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