AirHeart: Tales of Broken Wings First Look

Hey Everyone! Today’s first look is on AirHeart published by BlindFlug Studios. The Developer was gracious enough to give me a review copy. I played the game for a total of about 25 minutes before posting this first look. I mention that before being called out for any comments I make. This is not a review, it is a first look. You can find a video link below to the YouTube video for it. I definitely would like to play more in the future. This game released on January 31st, 2019 on the Nintendo eShop. It is available on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One as well.

Airheart cover

“Airheart is a dieselpunk airplane action game, set in a world above the clouds”. As you play and progress in one of the 14 levels, they build upon one another. There are different seasons within the game as well. You are able to tinker with your airplane and equip new colors, wings, builds, cosmetics, and even guns as well. As per the developer, “there are over 40 different airplane parts and weapons to customize your plane with.” The Switch release also has a new exclusive game mode, called “Party Mode”. In this mode, local multiplayer can be used to try and fly a zeppelin through the stratosphere.

My initial thoughts on loading up the game were that I enjoyed the art style and the soundtrack. The soundtrack and story narration was done by Kira Buckland. The colors really pop out at you just on the main menu alone. Once you start the game, there is a small tutorial and then you are on your way to collecting flying fish in the ecosystem and attempting to thwart the efforts of sky pirates using your attached guns. There is a crafting system in the game, which allows you to make ammo, new parts, and unknown recipes as well.

Airheart customization.png

Flying in this game is quite fun and it takes on the twin-stick shooter aspect. Left stick is used for flying and navigating, while the right stick is using for aiming your gun at the pirates shooting back at you. The soundtrack compliments the game as you attempt to gather more fish and attack the pirates that are flying all around.

There are many aspects of this game that I do enjoy. The one item I do not enjoy is that the “B” button is used to “select/agree”, instead of the “A” button. This is not a customary design and threw me off a number of times as my mind is used to pressing the “A” button. Other than that, I have not had any other issues or gripes with the game.

I definitely recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun pick-up-and-play Indie. It has a fun amount of content and for the price, I couldn’t argue against it. Thanks again to Blindflug Studios for the review code! Look out for my Giveaway of an EU code of this game on my Youtube page and click the link below to see gameplay and to be eligible for the giveaway. See you next time!

My Youtube First Look
Launch Trailer
AirHeart Website
Switch Page
Screenshots provided by -> BlindFlug Studios Dev (Frederic Hein)

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