Pokémon Direct tomorrow!

There tends to be information about a Pokémon game around this time every year. So I’m certainly not surprised that we’re getting a Pokémon direct tomorrow. However, I’m excited even if I’m not surprised. I almost skipped out on Pokémon Let’s Go, and I’m really glad I didn’t. What a wonderful and relaxing game. It certainly isn’t perfect, but I had a lot of fun with it.

There are certainly things that I’d change. Irritations included the fact that you had to use motion controls. I found that to be particularly annoying, especially since they were sometimes inaccurate. It certainly wasn’t game breaking, but every time I tried to throw a ball sideways and it would go the other direction I found myself cursing the game. The fact that you couldn’t just directly battle a friend, or trade with a friend without using the weird 3 Pokémon codes was really off putting. Just let me go to a list of friends and select someone! Hell, even let us do asynchronous trading. So I can make an offer and my friend can make a counter offer when they get the chance. That would be awesome. There are other things that bugged me but those were the top ones.

So why am I complaining about all this stuff? Well, I’m setting the stage for Pokemon gen 8 to do everything the same way that Let’s go did, but change the things that I didn’t like. I know there are lots of people that want to battle Pokémon to catch them. I honestly don’t care if that happens, but then again I’ve never been a Pokémon purist. What are you hoping for tomorrow? Let me know.

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