Pokemon Direct Wrap up!

Happy Pokémon day everyone. To celebrate Nintendo and the Pokémon company showed off a 7 minute Direct that focused on the upcoming Pokémon RPG for core players, which we’ve been waiting for for what seems like ages. This will be the first Core RPG Pokémon game on a home console rather than a portable one. Though the Switch is also portable so perhaps it is a false qualification. I’ll discuss this more in detail on Thursday’s Podcast, so if you haven’t subscribed yet click here! Anyway, let’s jump right into the details of the direct!

The games are called Pokémon Sword and Shield. The games are coming in Late 2019 and they are brand new entries not remakes, which means a New Region called the Galar region, and brand new Pokémon to discover. The graphics look really great, even might be a step up from Pokémon Let’s Go. I just hope that they also prioritize frame rate. Recent Pokémon games have been plagued by poor frame rate. The music sounded really great. Almost like a rock version of the old Pokémon theme.

The new Pokémon that you choose at the beginning of your adventure this time around are a grass type monkey called Grookey, a fire type rabbit named Scorbunny, and a water type that can turn invisible called Sobble. The director and producer of the game discussed a bit about the fact that they are trying to stay true to the core RPG gameplay of the other Pokémon games while also bringing new things to the table.

I noticed that the camera angle seemed to change a lot during the gameplay. I hope this isn’t just in cutscenes, the static top down camera is fine, but I’d prefer either a more varied approach or an over the shoulder cam. The one thing that stood out to me is that it seemed like you couldn’t see the Pokemon in the world. This was an addition to Pokémon Let’s Go that I just loved. I hope I’m wrong about this, but I’m pretty sure they are going back to not being able to see them until you battle. I loved being able to know if something is a shiny just by looking at it.

So there you have it, Lots of details, what did you think of the direct, what are you most excited about?

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