Tetris 99 Maximus Cup

If you’re like me you’re still chasing that coveted #1 spot in Tetris 99. Keep practicing this week though, because this weekend we have the first Tetris 99 Maxiums Cup. If you get 1st place in the Maximus Cup even once this weekend. The 999 people with the most wins get the points!

On or about March 24, 2019, Sponsor will identify the 999 players withthe most TETRIS MAXIMUS wins during the Contest Period as potential winners. In the event of any ties, player(s) that achieved their last TETRIS MAXIMUS win in the fastest time will be the potential winner(s). The potential winners will be notified by the email associated with their Nintendo Account on or about March 24, 2019. After verification of the entrant’s eligibility, such entrant will be awarded a prize, as set forth below. If a prize is won by a Minor, it will be awarded to a parent or guardian on the Minor’s behalf.


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