Konami Anniversary Collection

So of course we’ve all known for quite some time that the Virtual Console is dead. But is it really? I don’t think so. We’ve had collection after collection of cool old retro games coming from publishers and I for one prefer this to the Virtual Console anyway.

Why am I talking about this? You already know, I don’t know why you’re asking that questions. I suppose I’ll answer it anyway. We’ve got a new collection on the way, its from Konami, and its actually three collections!

We start with the Arcade Classics which will be released on April 18th this year. For $20. It includes 8 games. Haunted Castle, Typhoon, Nemesis, Vulcan Venture, Life Force, thunder Cross, Scramble and Twin Bee. I always like to play these old games, but what I seem to love most about these collections is when the developer puts in extra stuff like concept art, and music.

Konami is including a “Bonus Book” that has interviews, behind the scenes as well as concept art and design documents. I can’t wait to check that stuff out.

The other two collections are the Castlevania collection, including Castlevania 1 – 4 This one releases in Early Summer, alongside the Contra collection which includes Contra, Super contra, Super C, and Contra III. Both collections also launch with 4 other unannounced games and the aforementioned “Bonus Book”. No price is listed, but I’m guessing $20 for each.

So which of these collections are you most excited for? Which games do you hope for in those blank spots? Let me know in the comments below.

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