StadiaCast Show Notes – GDC 2019

  • Google is “building a game platform for everyone”
  • Stats
    • Will launch with 4k with HDR
    • Future 8K 120FPS
    • 10.7 GPU terraflops (more powerful that Xbox One X and PS4 Pro Combined
    • Games can run multiple GPUs at the same time.
  • Engines
    • Unity Unreal, Havock – Tons of middleware stuff that devs already use.
  • Streaming and Sharing
    • 4k 60fps stream to YouTube
    • State Share – Share a playable moment from a game. Just send a link.
    • Watching a video on YouTube you can play the game right from there.
    • Ryan Wyatt – Head of Gaming at YouTube
      • Highlight, Live stream, Capture directly from Stadia
      • Crowd Play – Click a button to play with the streamer.
  • ID – Marty Stratton
    • Doom Eternal
    • Doom is a crazy fast game!
    • 4K 60FPS HDR – Running on a single GPU
  • Multiplayer games
    • No cheating / hacking
    • Full cross platform play! Up to devs – I’m sure Sony will screw this up.
    • Split screen couch co-op without any performance penalty.
    • Play with friends while seeing their screens
  • Dev stuff
    • The ART Stuff was amazing
    • use a drawing to texture the game in real time.
    • Devs can use Multiple GPUs to power their games.
  • Discuss the controller
    • Connects through WiFi Directly to the game you want to play.
    • Move from device to device and pick up exactly where you left off!
    • Capture button
    • Google Assistant
    • Konami Code
    • Google Assistant
      • How do I beat this boss?
  • Google is making a First party game studio – Jade Raymond – AC games
    • Didn’t show off any games (they were at GDC) This wasn’t a show for us
  • Launching 2019
  • Cost?
    • Perhaps lower res for free, and higher res for a sub fee?

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