A Tale of Two Switch

There is a report coming from Takashi Mochizuku of the Wall Street Journal that posits that we could expect two new Switch models this year at E3. I’ve seen many rumors like this since the Switch came out, and I’ve often written them off. As we approach 2.5 years with the Switch, the likelihood of this happening continues to increase. I personally think its too soon for Nintendo to do this. After all, the 3DS took 4 years for an upgrade to come out. But then again, the DS to the DS Lite only had a gap of 2 years.

The WSJ states that the cheaper version of the Switch will remove the vibration and detachable joy-cons, and focus more on the portable only experience. While the Pro version will focus on “enhanced features targeted at avid video gamers.” I personally don’t see a huge power boost for the Switch as an option, as that would bifurcate the market. However, I could see replacement of the old Tegra chip with something that is more efficient, giving portable users longer battery life for the Lite version, and perhaps a slightly larger screen with the same battery life for the XL version? Who knows. I’m doubtful, but anything is possible.

What do you think? Are we on the road to a new Switch? Or is the WSJ grasping at straws?

Thanks @SuperNintendad for the heads up

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