Dusty Raging Fist First Look

Dusty Raging Fist, a fast-paced 2D action game! This is one of my favorite Nindies to release in the past few months. It released on March 14th, 2019 for Nintendo Switch. It was developed & published by PD Design Studio. This game features up to 3 players going at it on the screen conquering enemies in classic beat-em-up fashion and using supporting characters as well.

Starting off, the art style of this game is quite good. The colors really pop and it looks to be a mix of hand-drawn backgrounds with 3D character models. Right off the bat you can see that the difficulty increases as you move throughout levels. There are many different types of enemies and none of them have HP bars so you never know when they will be close to death. This game is animal themed from the protagonist, all the way through bosses and enemies you fight.

Screen capture in game from Google!

You can level up and use a distinct number of combos along with sword and gun attacks. You can even dodge, dip, duck, dive, and slide (dodge-ball reference, yes!) your way around the levels! As you level up, you can put points into your character to learn new combos and can level up support characters as well. There is a system where you can collect elemental powers that will change how your moves work, based on the type in use. They have elements of Fire, Ice, and so forth.

Overall, the game is a blast to play and I definitely recommend this game in either solo or couch co-op. There are minor issues such as a delay in reaction to when you get hit and when your character lands on the ground. Sometimes the scaling of enemies becomes quite difficult and you just become barraged with hits that leave your character stunned or continuously getting knocked down from attacks.

Whether you are a fan of beat-em-ups or just love Nindies, I can’t recommend this title enough! I appreciate the developers in reaching out to me and providing this review copy!

Socials and links to developers below!

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