StadiaCast Show Notes Episode 2


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Main Discussion

Game ownership and preservation

How do you preserve a game that you never had the files of?

How do you preserve a game that was never designed to be run outside a data center


Story 1

Story 2

Venture Beat Interview with Phil Harrison

Biggest takeaways from the article –

-Release is closer to the end of 2019 than the middle of 2019.

-Upstream needed is minimal (literally a few hundred kilobytes per second)

Story 3

Best possible environment, but damn this looked really convincing in the realm of latency.
Summary – latency was close to an Xbox One X locally.

Story 4

In an interview with Variety, Phil Harrison said there is another Stadia event coming geared toward YouTube creators sometime before summer. The YouTubers event will tackle, among other things, how those video creators will make money through the service.


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As a representative of the 29 million Americans living on the 96.5% of
the USA which is not “urban”, I’d like to chime in regarding Stadia and 
provide a bit of a reality check.  While it is interesting technology, 
it is rather tone-deaf to the state of the American internet 
infrastructure. Most of the people I know have “broadband” clocking in 
under 10Mbit/s, which a considerable number (such as my parents) stuck 
at a 5Mbit/s tier that often doesn’t even hit that consistently. Many of 
these people have DSL as their only option, with the cable companies (as 
horrendous as they are) not considering their area to be worth running 
cable to. I even have a fair number of clients who are stuck at 1MBit/s 
DSL. Combine those speeds with latency, and then factor in the 
ubiquitous data caps most ISPs hit you with, and there is a serious 
disconnect between the utopian views of streaming-only, cloud-only lives 
like Stadia and the reality to American internet. The people coming up 
with Stadia, self-driving cars, and so on really seem to live in an 
Urban reality-distortion bubble which is really out of touch with the 
world beyond the suburbs.

Not only that, but just like digital-only gaming and the decline of 
physical media, I fear what a streaming-only gaming world will lead to. 
Digital-only and streaming-only advocates are shooting themselves in the 
foot and ruining so many core aspects of the gaming world. Game trading 
and borrowing, reselling old games, and guaranteed longevity  are being 
sacrificed for the sake of impatience. Can you imagine if you no longer 
could play Super Mario Bros 3 after 1995 when the NES was discontinued? 
(Yes, Nintendo has been kind enough to keep it alive via “virtual 
console” and emulation on later consoles, but we are at their whim and 
viability. And for a wihle, it almost seemed we weren’t going to get 
retro games on the Switch)


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