Switch Craft Show Notes 319

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E3 is on its way!

Champions continue at E3

Save the date for Persona 5 (Joker Leak)



Hey Bill,
On Switchcraft, you asked about potential Waluigi games. My suggestion:
Waluigi’s Time Machine
Waluigi travels through time to other iconic Nintendo games (think NES Remix) and wins battles that other heroes originally won. Of course, he is cheating so these would not be difficult challenges until later in the game. Waluigi is basically stealing glory. As you win, the original Nintendo games are replaced with a Waluigi version and picture.
James aka Legolawyer

Hey Bill. Just picked up Mario rabbids recently because it was on sale and so far I’ve loved it. I was a little unsure about this game because tactical turn based games didn’t really interest me but I figured I’d try it since it was on sale. While I was playing i was thinking about other franchises that would be great capitalize on Maro rabbids success and then I thought of MegaMan. How awesome would it be to have Mario vs MegaMan or MegaMan vs rabbids. All the amunition MegaMan has and skills would be perfect for this game. What do you think? Love the show, keep up the great work



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