Switch Craft Show Notes 320

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Thanks for the reviews! Pink Flamingo Clown Fish, MeritorMan

Starlink goes digital

Mortal Kombat Arcade



Hi Bill, 
Great idea on a Zelda X-COM-type strategy game, similar to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. 
I was thinking of even taking your idea a step forward and incorporating past and present enemies from the Zelda franchise. Your team can be made up of Link, Zelda, Sheik, Impa, and maybe the 4 Champions from Breath of the Wild as well…each with their own skill set. Link with his bow and sword and possibly hookshot, Zelda with more magical powers, etc. Then, each level could move you across Hyrule, closer to Ganon’s castle. There are so many enemies from the franchise to choose from as well…Bokoblins, Lynels, ChuChus, Darknuts, Lizalfos, Moblins, Wizzrobes, Stalfos…and more!! Each area could have a mid and final boss and then lead up to a possible Ganondorf/Ganon battle at the end! I would love to see Nintendo put this into the hands of Ubisoft and see what they come up with! 
On the flip-side, my ideal game would be to have Square-Enix create a Zelda JRPG set in Hyrule, similar to Dragon Quest!! I just finished Dragon Quest XI and was pulled in by how good this game looked and the deep story behind each character. 
Love hearing everyone’s ideas–and it’s great to see Nintendo finally taking in new ideas for their IPs 🙂 

Hey Bill,Caught your last episode and you mentioned that you were looking for some Indy titles that might need some attention? Here’s one for ya – Lost in Harmony it’s a mobile port that was on sale for one dollar I was skeptical at first when I noticed it on the eshop because of the price but let me tell you it’s one of the best rhythm games( besides rock band, guitar hero,) I have played, your this kid cruising around on his skateboard avoiding obstacles and moving to the beat of the song also has a fantastic soundtrack and challenging at times.I find the best way to play is in handheld mode with headphones on. Definitely worth the $1 and some.Thank you for making great content on a consistent basis.

Jeremy in Portland.


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