Stories: The Path of Destinies review

Stories: The path of Destinies follows the story of ex-pirate Reynardo as he sets out to help the resistance stop the empire. The game has a very unique story telling method that feels very much like a choose your own adventure, where you make choices throughout the game that direct you to one of twenty four different stories.

As you move though the game you have to make choices to decide where your story will take you.

As you unlock stories you also unlock Truths that will eventually open the way to the final true path. Once you complete a run and unlock a story, you’re taken back to the start of the game and you can begin again, but depending on which truths you have unlocked, the story will be ever so slightly different. An example being on the first run-through, I unlocked a truth about another character and then when starting the second run, there where additional comments about said character.

Killing the Raven minions gains you XP which help earn skill points that you use at Altars to unlock your skills. In the beginning only the first tier of skills is available, but as you reveal the truths in game, it opens the later tiers to give access to more skills.

Use Sword-Fu to beat up the Ravens trying to ruin your day.

You can find chests that provide you with Ore and essences that can be used to craft and improve your swords. Each of the swords has a different special ability such as healing, setting fire to the ravens, freezing them or speeding up your movement and attacks. The swords can also be used to open doors around the different maps, which behind lay secondary routes, extra loot, scrolls that give insight to the motives of the empire, and also chests that contain special Gems. These seven gems you find help with different areas such as physical resistance and elemental resistance. The gems gain levels also as you explore and find chests, It certainly pays to explore everywhere in the game and remember where things are!

There is full voice narration (All done by Julian Casey), and the game comments on certain things with nods to other properties. One example is when having the fire sword, Reynardo makes a comment about being a Firefox. I’ve also seen references to properties such as Marvel. It reminds me of some of the writing in Bastion where if you smash lots of crates or swing the sword about a lot, the game comments about it.

The art style in this game is fantastic!

I have had so much fun and enjoyed it so much, it’s taken me three attempts to write this review to try and do this game justice! The art style in the game is beautiful and gorgeous, the story and the voice work is fun, and I’m definitely going to continue playing. With the choices and routes in the game, it doesn’t feel stale running the levels repeatedly.

If I HAD to find one grumble, it would be that the controls felt a little clunky in the beginning, but once I got used to them, they were not an issue. If you’re looking for a Choose your own adventure Action-RPG with enjoyable story and characters, you will want to check out this game. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Stories: The Path of Destinies is by Spearhead Games and is available on PC (Stream, GOG and Humble stores) as well as Xbox and PlayStation.

Stories: The Path of Destinies Website
Images from the game press kit

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