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Nintendo Download for April 11


Email from Adam –
Adam from Cleveland again! A great game for Nintendo Labo would be…a DUCK HUNT remake. A 360 view would be unreal fun!

Email from Trevor –

Hi Bill,

Been a while since I last emailed you. Still never miss a podcast.  Listening to yesterday’s show now and heard you mention VR being better in first person. Astro Bot and Moss are two great games on PSVR both 3rd person games. 

I agree that it’s silly Labo VR will have you hold to your face. I really want to check out Labo VR now that they announced support for Mario Odyssey and Zelda BOTW.  Where I wasn’t interested before. Im going to wait for reviews on this mainly because I’m not interested in holding this to my face for more than 5?minutes. 

Love the show,


Email from Elliot –


What will it take for Banjo Kazooie to be released on a modern console like Switch? 

Elliot N
St. Louis, MO


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