StadiaCast Show Notes Episode 4


Before we get started – We record this show live! Sunday mornings at 10am Eastern on our YouTube channel

Main Discussion

How Stadia could end game piracy –

Music piracy still happens but not like it was in the days of Napster.


Story 1

Google I/O 2019 is coming and Stadia is on the ticket. (Stadia Streaming Tech: A Deep Dive May 7th at 3pm) (Large Scale Multiplayer Gaming with Open Source May 8 10:30) (What’s New in Gaming at Google May 7th 2pm)

Story 2

Xbox executive says Google doesn’t have the content for Stadia’s push

Big takeaways Mike Nicols

“Emerging competitors like Google have a cloud infrastructure, a community with YouTube, but they don’t have the content,”

But they do have Phil Harrison industry veteran with 30 years of experience.

Harrison being interviewed by Polygon said “Don’t read too much into why so-and-so was there and why so-and-so wasn’t there,” “We’ve had deep conversations over a number of years now. We’ve shipped over a hundred development kits already. We’ve got thousands of creatives already underway. So you’ll see a pretty amazing lineup come June.”

Story 3

A controller making the rounds, isn’t real. It’s a concept by Daniel Cheung



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