Switch Craft Show Notes 326

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Email from Leon

Hi Bill,

Love the show(s) been listening you for about several months now between Run Jump Stomp, Nintendo Switch Craft and now Stadia Cast. 

I am a reclaimed gamer. I had gaming systems from NES to PS2 and XBox first release. I guess I was on hiatus when I went to colleges and entered the professional world but I re-emerged with the Switch. It suits my lifestyle. I travel a lot and often need to give up the primary tv when home. So it’s flexible. I love it despite it’s graphic inferiority to PS4 and Xbox One. I am one of those sole & single console guys. And the switch is my console not because of affordability but flexibility. The reason why I am writing is because of Mortal Kombat 11. I’m not sure if you heard, mainly because you say you don’t care for the game to begin with. When I heard games like Mortal Kombat and Doom Eternal were coming to switch I got excited for nostalgia reason and both games look amazing. I have Doom on switch and I love being able to carry it around. Looked forward to the sequel and MK 11. …until now. I was slightly discouraged. When I realized MK11 on had a premium version for Xbox, PS4 and PC. DIdnt complain. I chopped it up to graphics. Yesterday they announced the premium version for switch. I didn’t cancel my preorder until I heard if the switch would have a physical steel case like the Xbox and PS4. While browsing online to find out about the steel case I stumbled on other info. MK11 aside from the 20GB patch, that I didn’t mind because I have storage for it, was also going to be an ONLINE-ONLY GAME. I was shocked and upset. It literally ruined my vision of the game. I travel a lot. Playing most on my games in airports, on planes and on the road. This ruins the flexibility of the switch. And my primary use of it. I ended up canceling my preorder. It’s frustrating. I read online it’s suspected they’re doing online only even for single play use to maximize micro transactions. I guess I’m asking how you feel about this. This literally dwarfs my switch for its primary use. I don’t mind paying for DLC because I paid for many passes, ie smash, Stark link, dragon ball fighterZ etc. I just don’t like it. It also makes me think the software will become glitchy or fail once MK 12 comes on. This has me really anti digital if I have no option at a physical way to play. What do you think Bill?

Thanks for listening,



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