Stadia Cast Show Notes Episode 6


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Main Discussion

Stadia and the mobile phone market (Gaming phones)


Story 1

Stadia will support a variety of business models

GamesBeat Summit

“We’re asking gamers to buy the game, not the platform.”

Phil Harrison

“our platform at a fundamental level has been architected to support a very wide variety of what people call ‘monetization options.’ Everything from purchase to transaction to subscription.”

Phil Harrison

there is no technical limitation on how we have architected the platform to support a variety of business models.”

Phil Harrison

“change the way game value is perceived by players,” “When a game is a link, the Internet is your store”

Story 2

Kojima is on board with Stadia

The future to come will begin finally. I have been saying for over 10 years, but at the time no one understood it. With “5G” and next “6G”, the evolution of technology will not stop. The world awaited finally is about to begin.
Now that 5G commercial services have begun, Google has announced a cloud gaming service, and Apple will also enhance game distribution.

As streaming advances further, video content such as games and movies and documentaries will be on the same track. This is the future I want most. What will happen if that happens? With Netflix etc., you will be able to select movies and games on the same screen. “Interactive games” and “non-interactive movies”, the quality of the content has been 180 degrees different so far, but the boundaries will disappear.
This movement has already come out. The video content “Black Mirror: Banders Natch” distributed last year on Netflix is ​​so. The story goes on by the viewer selecting the action of the protagonist at the key point. I’m approaching an interactive game.


It’s definitely different. It will come out within 5 years when 5G spreads. Even with streaming, there is one big thing I want to do. I can’t say because I get so spoiled if I talk too much (laughs).
In the next five years, I think that entertainment will change with artificial intelligence (AI). AI will change what you are currently doing interactively. I talked earlier about streaming interactive content that I choose, but in the next five years, an AI that understands me may choose for myself.

Kojima-san on AI

Story 3

Stadia is hiring



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