Stadia Cast Show Notes Episode 7


Before we get started – We record this show live! Sunday mornings at 10am Eastern on our YouTube channel

Thanks the following people for reviewing the show! Elvis_The_Cat!

Main Discussion

Can Stadia finally make true Mac only gaming a reality?

Don’t forget Google IO Tuesday!


Story 1

Bobby Kotick says that Stadia is a great opportunity for Activision

“When these big, well-funded companies are building out platforms where they have limited amounts of content to actually serve up to customers, I’d say there’s a great opportunity for a company like ours”

“None of these platforms can succeed without great content. Truthfully, they really don’t know how to make it. So when you think about what will be required, it will be support from us [publishers] to allow them to actually build an audience. We have a better audience than most to capitalise on all these new platforms”

“When you own 30 years of IP like we do, there’s probably never been a better time to be in the games business”

Story 2

Story 3

Sundar Pichai talks about game publishers

“It’s up to us to bring it all together and have a compelling service later this year and that’s what the team is working on,” he said. “They want to see our commitment, which is what we are demonstrating and they are working hard to make the investments on their side.
“So it’s a big joint effort and it’s working well.”



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