Dota 2 Battle Pass has a feature which should be free.

Dota 2 is a free to play MOBA where you have the option to pay for a battle pass in order to get a better experience. I don’t mind this business model at all as it lets the most players play the game, and helps the developer make money. That is unless the battle pass includes something that should be free.


Who’s to say what should be free? Well, its my website so I guess me. You’re free to disagree with me if you want, in fact I welcome the debate. But what Valve is doing here is just wrong in my opinion.

MOBAs are famous for two things. Intense player vs player action, and toxicity. Now to be fair, in the MOBAs that I’ve played you can mute the offending players, and I’m sure that you can mute players in DOTA 2, though I haven’t tested this myself. However there are ways that players can ruin your fun that muting them won’t help with. For instance they could “feed” which is where they intentionally get killed by the opposing team. This makes the other team level up faster and makes them more powerful, This makes it more difficult for your team to win, for one you’re one team-mate down, and secondly the other team has outleveled you. Enjoy your loss!

You might ask why someone would do that? Probably because they are a basement dwelling jerk nose, and they think its funny when you complain about it in chat. The game is free after all, so they can just make an account and do this without any repercussions.

So what’s valve doing about this? Well you now have the option to avoid this player in the future. Which is awesome. Great solution, but its only available to people that have the battle pass. Which is very bad. Now if you want to avoid troll players its going to cost you money. I get that Valve needs to make money on their game, but to lock such an important feature behind a paywall is pretty lame.

Let’s play devils advocate for a minute. Why would valve make this unavailable to free players. The only reason I can see this is if it can be abused in some way. Perhaps if enough players say avoid xxSepiroth756xx then that player gets banned? Then the trolls can use the feature to ban players they don’t like, just for fun. That would be a bad idea, and the only wait to combat this would be to put the feature behind a paywall. I think the better solution is just let everyone avoid players, but don’t do anything with that data. Simply create the matchmaking system that says oh, Bill doesn’t want to play with xxSepiroth756xx any more. We’ll not match them up.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

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