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Details for Doctor Mario World

Follow up to National Dex Story

Animal Crossing New Horizons is missing something big

Nintendo Download 6/20/2019


Email from Karl

Hey Bill, hope you are well.
On the last episode of Switch craft you had a brief discussion on the rewind feature in a final fantasy game.  Im in the same boat, love video games, but not the best at them. Also im 41, so lost some of my patience and skill.  In fact I would go one step further and like to see save states in all games. Playing NES online and SNES classic I have finished more games using save states than I ever did on the original consoles, and I see no shame it that. Save states have allowed me to finish  and enjoy  games that are well out of my skill level. 
If save states came as standard, I would be inclined to buy more games, for example I really want to enjoy the story and game play in cuphead and dark souls, but I know they would frustrate me, so no buy. If the developer  included save states I would buy these games  in a heart beat. Me using save states ( I’ll try not to say “save states” again!) does not affect anyone else, so I do see why the snobery towards me playing the way I want to play.
What are your thoughts.
All the best, enjoy all your shows.

Email from John

Bill, Hey, I love your show(s). I’m a life long gamer and Nintendo fan, 40-something, father of four.I heard you mention you bought new joycons because you had severe drifting problems. I was wondering what you did, if anything, to fix them?  I ask because I had terrible drift on my right joycon. It was so bad that I couldn’t even play Zelda with it; the camera would spin around uncontrollably.  I did some research and people recommended electrical contact cleaner.  I bought a can of it and really doused the joycon by spraying it into the crack around the analog stick. I literally filled it so much I could hear the liquid sloshing around inside it.  I worked the stick in circles a few times.  After it evaporated, the drift is completely gone. It’s like brand new. If you haven’t tried this, give it a shot. 


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