Stadia Cast Show Notes Episode 17


Before we get started – We record this show live! Sunday mornings at 10am Eastern at Leave a voicemail for Stadiacast by heading to from any device, we may even play it on the show.

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Main Discussion

Streamers transitioning from Twitch to Stadia


Story 1

Over 4000 developers

What games specifically do you want to come to stadia most?

Story 2

Stadia won’t be region locked

Story 3

Google has updated its Stadia FAQs, but there are no real surprises

Crowd Play

YouTube comment from Coleman Dove

@stadiacast I believe all you will need to do is get the chrome-cast connected to the network and you can do this Bluetooth on the phone or maybe even the controller. The controller connects first Bluetooth and then to the WiFi through the chrome-cast. I could be wrong but that’s how I believe it will work.

YouTube comment from Random Noob

Most people that complain about bad unreliable internet actually do not have a actual problem with the internet but rather the cheapest of cheap ISP supplied router In the past I used to have regular outages that required regular reboots especially under heavy usage but now I run pfSense on a old Watchguard Firebox XTM5 and a Ubiquiti Uni Fi AC Pro been running this setup now for years and unless I do a firmware update my uptime has been 100% made a day/night difference Same goes for when people complain about speed with my ISP on the support forums you see no end of people with high speed connections complaining because of slow speeds and only getting like 20Mbps The usual response is to ask how they are connected for testing and the answer is usually WiFi typically on 2.4Ghz because its the strongest signal but don’t seem to understand that the slow speed is due to being capped by the maximum speed of the WiFi connection


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Music your about to hear is Subterranean Kamikaze by Zircon, check out their stuff at

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