Switch Craft Show Notes 369

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On Episode … of Nintendo Switch Craft,

First Impressions of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Joy-Cons may be going to court, The Wii U part 2? Those stories and more on this episode of Nintendo Switch Craft


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Story Links for this Episode

Initial thoughts on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Camera is horrible

The game shines in local multiplayer

I didn’t enjoy playing on Heroic difficulty, Friendly was way more fun. Ignoring the synergy stuff made the game a lot more fun as well.

The game does an extremely bad job of teaching you how to play.

I like it and will be playing more

Astrobears update


Email from Joel

Hey Bill, 

One thing I think people are overlooking about the OG Switch is that it is supposed to be easily hackable. Because of that I intend to hang onto mine indefinitely, even after I upgrade to another model at some point. One day it will be an awesome portable way to play ALL of my retro favorites on the go as well as my Switch library. 

Email From Isaac

On the latest lite Switch, you discussed wanting a normal Switch that sells without a dock. Well, in Japan they do have a skew that ships without one. 
Now I guess they assume all Americans are snotty Xbox players that only play on the TV, (kidding of course) so they don’t sell it in America, but if you can find it cheap to import, it’s an option. 

Thanks for the show! 

Email from Joeseph

Hi Bill,

Just wanted to send some quick thoughts on the Nintendo Switch Lite. I’ve been listening to a lot of feedback on your show and online and I’m surprised at how many seem down on the price and the new Switch Lite itself.

The name I get doesn’t make much sense now that it doesn’t dock—but the name “Switch” is so popular right now that of course Nintendo is going to keep the name. Plus, it so similar to the Nintendo Switch and plays almost all of the same games so I think changing the name would create too much confusion.

For the price—I think $200 is spot on. Nintendo is one of the few gaming companies that actually make money on their hardware. Dropping the price of the Switch Lite too low would basically kill sales for the actual Nintendo Switch. The $200 price tag immediately sounds more tempting than the $300 price of the Switch and many gamers won’t care about the dock, HD rumble or detachable joycon—they want to play the games that the Switch has to offer, without coughing up another $100.

Having said that—I think it won’t take long before the price of both the Switch and Switch Lite drop as the new Playstation and Xbox are released. I would imagine a new Switch Pro is right around the corner to compete with the announcements of the new consoles from their competitors.

I’m excited for the Switch Lite and I love the colors!! I already own a Switch but I’ll definitely be picking up a Switch Lite on release.

Thanks, Bill!! Loving the more frequent episodes 🙂 

Email from John

Hey Bill good morning: 
       I will make this short and sweet. 
First I kind of got a curious question for. I been listening to your show since before switch was released. I actually was shopping for wii u at time when I saw a Facebook post about nx. That was a year and a half before release date of switch. So I been listening since than but I have unlimited data with T mobile and stream every thing and I know you always thanking people for downloading your show but do you get the credit for people who stream podcast with their data.

Now about the switch light correct me if i am wrong but if you have the OG switch and pay for Nintendo Switch Online would it be as easy as just uploading your save data from cloud backup and I think you could even use that method if you upgraded your sd card. 
I am with a lot of people switch lite is not for me. I like playing on my TV and being able to play in bed. 

I just thought I comment because tour last show someone had good idea leaving OG in dock and using the lite for undock mode.


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