Switch Craft Show Notes 378

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On Episode … of Nintendo Switch Craft,

Gotham is HUGE, Dragon Quest XI news, Its official Nintendo hates America. Those stories and more on this episode of Nintendo Switch Craft.


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Story Links for this Episode

Nintendo Download August 1st

Dragon Quest XI S gets a Demo

Vouchers are not coming back (or are they?)

Still available in Europe and Japan


Email from Scott

Hey Bill, hope you had a great vacation. Just wondering if you could give me some guidance and advice. I live in Ontario Canada and would like to go to the Nintendo store this year. One of my questions is where did you park your vehicle? Is there a parking lot near by? What hotel did you stay at and how far was it from the store? Did you Uber from the motel?. I’m sure most of these questions will be answered on your Podcast. Thank you for the great content and keep up the great work.

Email from John

Hey Bill!  I have a question for you, but before i do that, just wanted to let you know that I love your show (SwitchCraft) I’ve been listening to it about 6 months or more now, and I have enjoyed every episode.  
So my question to you is, I know you mentioned on one of your podcast that you’ve been playing a lot of DQB2. And I also have been loving that game so much, that I’ve pretty much just been playing that since the release. I’ve been playing in handheld mode this whole time, except for today.  I notice that it seems to run slower when docked. Not sure what FPS, but I can definitely tell that its slower then handheld.   Have you notice this as well? If so, have you heard of any updates that fix this soon?

Email from Charles

Not much to say but just putting this out there. 

I really hope at blizzcon this year they announce overwatch on the switch. I haven’t heard anything since they said “it’s a possibility” in 2017.

Email from Joel

Hey Bill, heard you talking about 8 bitdo. I had heard nothing but wonderful things about their controllers so I bought an SF30 Pro for around $35. The D pad is horrid. Playing one of the Shantae games you have to run one direction, and then quickly switch to the other in order to activate a power, but when I switched Shantae would duck. It was super frustrating. On Tetris 99 I would be trying to move a piece left or right and it would suddenly drop costing me the game. I emailed and they offered to repair under warranty if I send it to China, which would cost around $23.

There are pockets of people complaining about this online, but so much praise out there that the complaints aren’t noticed. 


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