Stadia Cast Show Notes Episode 19


Before we get started – We record this show live! Sunday mornings at 10am Eastern at Leave a voicemail for Stadiacast by heading to from any device, we may even play it on the show.

If you want to directly support Stadiacast head over to and click the “Support this podcast link” For as little as a dollar you can help us create future episodes of Stadiacast.

Main Discussion

Don’t forget GamesCom is coming.


Story 1

Ninja leaves twitch for mixer

Story 2

Tencent releases its own cloud gaming solution

Story 3

Xcloud leaves some clues

Crowd Play

YouTube comment from Renegade Robs

Hi stadia cast I just found you and love the streams is on Spotify? Thx

YouTube comment from PowerFantastic

Stadia is just going to be a platform for optimized PC games, right? Why couldn’t you carry over the saves to your own desktop machine?

YouTube comment from Ashes2Ashes

I have noticed a ton of people either skip over it or don’t understand it but the free version of Destiny 2 on Stadia is the complete game including the yet released Shadowkeep expansion. That expansion alone is $40 so it is still a great deal. Food for thought for those unaware.


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We’d like to thank the unofficial discord server of the official stadia subreddit for letting people know about our show which you can check out at

Music your about to hear is Subterranean Kamikaze by Zircon, check out their stuff at

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