Switch Craft Show Notes 381

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On Episode … of Nintendo Switch Craft,

Nintendo and Microsoft are coming for your lootboxes! Is that Dock sale as good as you thought? Gotta collect ’em all! NES!

Those stories and more on this episode of Nintendo Switch Craft.


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Story Links for this Episode

First Impressions of the SN30 Pro +


Email from Scott the Geek

Hey Bill… I’ve been camping and off the grid, so I’m still catching up 
on podcasts. This is in regards to you saying that the excessive game 
sizes we are seeing in some games is due to the amount of recorded dialog.

I think you’re giving the game developers too much slack here. 1 GB can 
store about 16 straight HOURS of music at typical quality, and dialog 
could endure even higher compression. I suppose there might be games out 
there with dozens and dozens of continuous hours of spoken dialog, but 
my gut feeling is this is not typically the case since most dialog 
snippets only last a few seconds. I do not feel it is the dialog 
bloating these games, but simply lazy developers not using efficient 
methods for all the other aspects of their games.

My response

I was pointing out one way that they could reduce the storage footprint of their game.

Compression (Some devs don’t do high compression in order to keep a steady framerate)

No one really cares how big the game is when they are making it. (especially a port on PC) They find out at the end during crunch and there isn’t time to fix it.


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