Stadia Cast Show Notes Episode 20


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Main Discussion


Story 1

“Our vision is to have Stadia available on all devices that stream YouTube—a truly platform-agnostic service,” says Majd Bakar, vice president of engineering for Stadia. 

Majd Bakar – VP of Engineering at Stadia

Like YouTube, Stadia will also lean heavily on video codecs to compress what players see into chunks of data that are easier to deliver. One common video codec called H.264 has become a compression standard for popular video streaming services, Blu-ray discs, and HDTV broadcasts since it debuted in 2003. A decade after the H.264 debut, Google also developed a competitor called VP9 that could deliver HD and 4K video streaming on YouTube using half the bandwidth of other codecs

IEEE Spectrum

Stadia will rely on specialized protocols developed by Google to ensure fast and reliable transfers of data involving both gameplay visuals and player inputs. 

IEEE Spectrum

“Stadia’s real-time adaptive streaming technology adjusts to network quality in real time,” Bakar says. “Alongside techniques like BBR, we are able to detect network impairments such as congestion prior to them happening—in the case of adverse network events, we optimize for a fluid and responsive gameplay experience.”

IEEE Spectrum

Story 2

There are rumors that the 2020 iPhones may have 120 Hz display

Story 3

Crowd Play

YouTube comment from Reggie Bhandari

It was said that the controller does has Bluetooth but it has been deactivated and won’t be available till 2020


YouTube comment from Darryl Smock Jr

Epic games is going to be on Stadia (it was when they did their E3 announcement)

YouTube comment from Ed Burton

I can’t wait to hear about when Stadia will support iOS. As for me.. I am getting Stadia because I love to be an early adopter and I love Destiny 2. I for sure would not be a day-one Stadia Founder if it weren’t for the inclusion of Destiny 2. I would have still jumped in and used Stadia on day one, but Destiny 2 is what made the difference for me and convinced me do buy the founders edition.


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