Switch Craft Show Notes 386

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On Episode … of Nintendo Switch Craft,

I asked you what SNES games you wanted on Switch and you responded. Tetris 99 gets a crossover with Fire Emblem Three Houses, Smash tournament bans Hero

Those stories and more on this episode of Nintendo Switch Craft.


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Story Links for this Episode

What SNES games you want on Switch!

YouTube comment from Mechachod

Not sure if you were aware, but if they do release the SNES games next month, they will be starting with those datamined ones from earlier this year.

Link to the datamine

YouTube Comment from Arcade Fist

The 10 SNES games I would like to play on the go are Donkey Kong Country 1,2,&3. Super Metroid, Star Fox 1 &2. Batman Returns. Cool Spot. The Incredible Hulk. And finally Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time.

The Nintendo Download


Email from SchmokinHerbz

Hey Bill!
SchmokinHerbz here, Ive listened to switchcraft for quite some time now,  just recently started popping into twitch to say hi. Your community is real nice to new people. 
But the main reason for this email is just that I have been wanting two green joycons forever now and have dreaded having to buy two sets of joycons just to get the color combo I want. AND NOW THEY ARE COMING OUT AS A SPECIAL! 
I will be getting them alongside Luigi’s Mansion 3 and cannot be anymore excited. I knowbyou didnt seem that excited but this is something Ive wanted forever!
Keep it up,SchmokinHerbz

Hi Bill,
Always enjoy your show! I would like to raise a potential topic for you.
Have you heard about the disaster that is the Switch port of Pillars Of Eternity? Many players are experiencing major gameplay, graphics and stability bugs in the initial release – in some regards it feels like an early beta version got shipped:

Email from Matthias

https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/cpfngj/obsidian_on_twitter_re_pillars_of_eternity_switch/To their credit, the Studio behind the port, Versus Evil (@vs_evil) is engaging with players on Twitter, so I hope we can get the issues fixed reasonably soon without making a big stink about it, but it raises the question how a port of this miserable quality could ever be submitted to the eShop. I wonder what are your thoughts on this kind of issue?
Would be interesting to hear your opinion on this on Nintendo SwitchCraft and have a bit more attention called to the quality of ports for the Switch.
Keep up the great work,

Email from Corbin

I was checking the eshop and was going down to nso and I saw they had a smash bros spirit broad pack and I was wondering is there any game that you would like to see free stuff from having nso like they have done with smash and splatoon 


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