Stadia Cast Show Notes Episode 21


Before we get started – We record this show live! Sunday mornings at 10am Eastern at Leave a voicemail for Stadiacast by heading to from any device, we may even play it on the show.

If you want to directly support Stadiacast head over to and click the “Support this podcast link” For as little as a dollar you can help us create future episodes of Stadiacast.

Main Discussion


7 new games for Stadia

Story 1

What games so far are coming to Stadia

Story 2

Story 3

Crowd Play

YouTube comment from IAZEEEEEE

I think your explanation of display refresh rate vs. input lag was a bit misleading. While 90hz displays are cool, you would only benefit from it in terms of input lag if Stadia also streams 90fps. Same with your mentioned monitor: 144hz will only bring an input lag benefit if Stadia streams more than 60fps. It will not automatically be better for current Stadia specs (60fps).

YouTube Comment from Gavin Butcher

Great show guys, I look forward to it every week! I have pre ordered the founders pack because I love the idea of being able to play games on multiple devices like my TV, phone and Chromebook. However the main selling point for me is that on Stadia I won’t have clear space on my hard drive and wait for a game to download every time I purchase a new game. Keep up the great work.

YouTube comment from Sofa Spy

I picked up the founders edition because my switch convinced me that being able to play my games anywhere is more important than being forced to play only in front of my couch. Since Stadia can be played on any device and on any screen, at 4k 60 fps, it was a no brainier for me


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We’d like to thank the unofficial discord server of the official stadia subreddit for letting people know about our show which you can check out at

Music your about to hear is Subterranean Kamikaze by Zircon, check out their stuff at

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