Stadia Cast Show Notes Episode 22


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Main Discussion


Story 1

Destin Legarie of IGN says he was skeptical about Stadia but he’s impressed.


On Doom “having played it on PC I was really really curious, and I’ve been really cynical about Stadia, I mean their streams can’t even stop lagging, you know? So, I try it out and I think it sold me on Google stadia. It stuttered a little bit on a cutscenes but that was about it. The flow of combat still felt really good on the controller”

On Mortal Kombat “It seemed to be playing pretty well, I didn’t get hands on with that, but I was watching other people play they were executing their moves, they didn’t seem to be impacted by any sort of lag that a 60 fps fighting game would encounter”

On XCloud “I got to play Halo at E3 also, I don’t think Xcloud was as sooth, there was a lot hitching there was a lot of delay actually, they have a controller connected to a screen, basically and that was how you were playing a lot of the xCloud stuff, it seems like they have a little bit more work to do compared to the Google Stadia platform, which again really really impressed me……I think it might surprisingly (and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I thought there’s no way Google Stadia is going to be this functional, and I tried it out and Oh my god, this thing might be good!”

Destin Legarie of IGN

Story 2

Story 3

Max Scoville, Brian Altano and Tina Amini of IGN interviewed John Justice VP of Product at Google

They picked Doom Eternal and MK11 to show off Stadia because they are hard games to get right.

“Before people could try it, and see it, people wondered about it. There are things that we can do to speed it up where we run it to make it as fast or in some cases faster than you can by buying a console.”

On the possibilities with cloud “We’re constantly upgrading the servers. We’re constantly upgrading our servers, right now our machines are faster than anything you can buy in a console by a pretty good chunk, but we’re already working on the next, and the next and the next, as we constantly upgrade.”

Oh collecting and digital libraries – “It’s pretty much the same as everything digital today, except you don’t have to wait for downloads and updates, and its faster and better.”

On Crossplay – “The developers are usually pretty excited … We think that its a core of Next Gen. We just don’t think we should have the kind of walls that we’ve had in the past…. We want every single titile to have cross play / Cross progression

On the controller – “We’ve spent years and years on this, we had hundreds of prototypes. When you feel something like on the d-pad, the collapse on the dome switches. Its really hard to get that to be just right to let you roll combos.

On Bandwidth – “Project stream took 25 MBps, last year, but now we can get it down to 15 or even 10.”

Google VP of Product John Justice

On the Stadia Controller – “I really like the face buttons feel nice and soft, the d-pad is clicky, the sticks are really smooth, the shoulder buttons are great….I’m completely sold on this controller.”

Brian Altano IGN

Crowd Play


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