Switch Craft Show Notes 390

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On Episode … of Nintendo Switch Craft,

Superhot tries to pull a fast one, Yacht Club games teases King Knight, and a mountain of feedback!

Those stories and more on this episode of Nintendo Switch Craft.


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Email from Jacob

Good Evening Bill. Yesterday I traded in my Switch for the newer version. My original Switch(which I’ve had since launch) has been bricked for well over a year. I held off simply because I play in handheld mode 90% of the time regardless. But… the upgraded chip had me at hello. GameStop gave me $175 trade credit for my Bricked Switch(which I was extremely happy with) and I switched Switches! The guy at GS said something about the screen running at a lower temp or something, but I can see a difference there as well. Not as much glare for sure. I am very happy with it, I transferred my thousands of hours of save data no problem. Just wanted to share my experience with you and show. I’ve been an every episode fan for a long time. Thanks for the Show! It’s the best Nintendo podcast out there. 

Email from Connor

Here’s a few if you’re still looking for them! For me a lot of them are great SNES games that were left of the SNES classic but I still wish were available for play somewhere. Licenses be damned.
Chrono TriggerSuper, Mario All Stars, Cool Spot, Actraiser, Final Fantasy IV (not on the snes Classic but incredible, influential, and defining RPG) Donkey Kong country 2 and 3, Super Bases Loaded 3: License to Steal, TMNT IV: Turtles in Time, Super Star Wars 1-3, Lufia 2, The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse

Email from Scott

Hey Bill… just listened to NSC380. You mentioned that it was ok that the extra dock doesn’t include a power adapter since Nintendo is just using “standard” USB-C chargers now. That’s actually not correct. While USB-C is indeed a standard, Nintendo’s implementation of it is non-compliant and breaks the standard, which is why some third-party chargers were damaging Switches.

So it stands that Nintendo SHOULD be including a power adapter. Even it was compliant to the standard, anyone buying a spare dock likely needs a power supply as well. But really, Nintendo shouldn’t be breaking the USB-C standard to begin with.

Email from Gavin

Firstly I just like to say thank you your hard work and dedication for putting your content out there. I look forward to your videos, podcasts and streams for both Nintendo Switch Craft and StadiaCast every week. 
Last Sunday while you were streaming we were discussing that I was experiencing Joy Con drift and you were interested in what Nintendo’s policy was for this in the UK. Well, I called Nintendo support and they told me they would repair the Joy Con at no extra cost if my Switch was inside the 1 year warranty. However, as I have had my Switch since launch this isn’t applicable to me. They told me they would cover shipping to and from them however it would cost £29-£35 to repair the Joy Con.  
Thankfully they sent me an email with a troubleshooting guide and it seems to have worked. 

Email from Charles

Hey I’ve got a question.

Me and a couple close friends logged into each other’s switches and e-shops. This gave each of us access to the others games which is awesome.

But when I select a game that they bought I have to choose their player icon for “who’s playing this game”

This makes me worried about messing up cloud saves. 

YouTube Comment from Lee Lee Bird

I love indie games but for some reason i get indie burnout quicker than i get AAA burnout lol Many of these blended into another.. Ori looks like Hollow Knight At first glance. MY eyes are now towards a September Direct. Great job as always RJS!

YouTube Comment from Dean R English

Jump with the B button is my favorite and most important change. Personally I am going to play in 2D mode so resolution means nothing to me. I played a could hundred hours of DQXI and I thought it looked great undocked


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