Switch Craft Show Notes 396

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On Episode … of Nintendo Switch Craft,

My thoughts on Tetris 99 V2.0, A better way to get food in BotW, Nintendo reinvents the shake weight, and a mountain of feedback.

On this episode of Nintendo Switch Craft.


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Sent in by Murray

Golden Shovel Knight Amiibo


Email from Froozog

I’ve been catching up on your podcast over the last few months while keeping up with the latest episodes, loving it so far.
You just said you don’t really understand how Super Kirby Clash is being monetized, so I thought I’d give a quick rundown on the game.
Think of it as an extremely simplified Monster Hunter style game. You go into battle with four Kirbys, each of which can be one of four classes. You can choose to do this solo with AI or online with other players.
The paid currency is Gem Apples, which can be earned through completing missions or purchased for cash.Gem apples plus several other materials are required to craft new weapons, helmets and consumables for each of the classes.Unlocking stages also require some Gem Apples to unlock.The game seems pretty generous at first with giving you these Gem Apples but the cost of equipment and unlocks goes up pretty quick.
The game uses an energy system similar to mobile games which will limit your play time unless you use Gem Apples to refresh.
The base game is quite fun but I can see the shine wearing off pretty quickly.

Email from Jason

What’s up RJS!?  I have been gaming ever since Super Mario Bros on Duck Hunt and I have never been interested in ever playing an RPG.  Like you, I am a teacher and I was looking for a game to play to finish up summer.  I am patiently waiting for Grid Autosport as the next game I plan on buying.  Because I have finally been losing interest in Mario Maker, I decided to try the free demo on Dragon Quest.  It turns out I really like it and it makes my time on the elliptical fly by.  I’m fact I did an extra hour on the elliptical this morning because I was enjoying Dragon Quest so much.  I think I might plan on buying the full version of the game if Grid doesn’t get a release date soon!  Good job Square on the great demo!

Email from Greg

Love the show. On episode 390 you talked about the cost of joycon drift repairs in the UK. I had drift issues back in April. I didn’t think about the warranty and I later realised I had bought it 13 months prior so it was out of warranty. I sent off the joycon with the freepost label and the receipt, and it was fixed – for free – in a week or two and returned to me. Either they were just being nice, they didn’t check the receipt, or I caught the first of their new joycon repair policy! Either way, I was luckier than your correspondent who was quoted £20-£30. For those in the UK, it’s worth just checking as there might be some leeway. 

Email from John

Hey dude been wanting to comment on doom on switch and how some of the game needs to be downloaded to play mostly the multiplayer aspect. I got that game almost day one and when I put the cart in and tried to just play story mode a message came up that said needed to download content before you can play game at which I am cool with cause i like playing games online. Even recently I was freeing up my sd card and archive some downloaded games from my switch including the 9gb from doom. After the fact When I went into play just the story stuff  recently the game told me to download content again. Anyway not really important just throwing info out there.


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