Stadia Cast Show Notes Episode 24


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Main Discussion

Welcome new people that are coming from PC Magazine, IGN, Cnet, or anywhere else…..

Talk about the audio show. Mention our other channels.

Our thoughts on what John Said

Buddy Pass, Gamepad, Demos, Mods, Year Sub, Save File Imports.


Story 1

Story 2

Story 3

NEXT EPISODE we’ll talk about the VR thing, perhaps EA’s streaming rival, and the foolish comparisons of Apple Arcade and Google Stadia. But for now, its time for Crowd Play

Crowd Play

Email from Darren

Firstly, can I congratulate you both on this excellent podcast.
I listen to it every week on my commute into London. 
I’m a lapsed casual gamer here in the U.K. who has been tempted (along with his now teenage daughter) back into the gaming world by the prospect of Google Stadia. 
I do have a question for you both. You mentioned on the latest (John Justice) podcast about Stadia being able to pull in extra AI capability from a dedicated NPC with Google. 
Now, I will admit I’m not entirely sure what this means technically.

So, does this mean that on a game like ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ you would get a more enhanced experience (due to this AI capability) compared to playing it on an X-box or PlayStation?

Mark Findorff
Will be there a function that a friend can help me in a game by getting my stream to his display and take for a limited time control of my game with his setup or something like that? So the friend sees my game on his display, I see it on my display, I give him control, he helps me out or shows me something in the game and I have the opportunity to get the control back any time I want. That would be awesome. Keep up the great work.

Shen One
My only burning question: How soon could they implement ray tracing for Stadia? Since they’re using AMD chips (right?) And as far as I know AMD doesn’t support that technology yet. Stadia’s main draw in not needing to always keep up with the latest hardware, being able to play at 4K 60fps and so should have advantage over next gen consoles and even PC at that. Cyberpunk recently showcased ray tracing on PC and the game is coming on the platform. Would be a shame if it wasn’t supported at game launch as PCs would have the graphics advantage on this title. (And yes, would probably only play @30fps with RTX on but still, would be nice to experience this kind of graphic fidelity without having to purchase a $2000 computer)

I want parental control that will allow blacklisting specific games for my children regardless of rating

Ninfrost Plays
Hey guys fantastic stream I definitely look forward to your podcasts to get more information about stadia I was wondering if we’ll see on stadia older games from the older Generations on stadia I was also wondering if we’ll see fortnite or any free to play games on stadia thanks keep up the good work to both you guys and the stadia team

Brad LeCompte
How about wearing a wireless headset? The controller has blue tooth but when will it be available for headsets and which ones will be compatible- that is my biggest concern.

THANKS alot for this Show/Interview, very helpful! BUT if Stadia is going to be delayed 48 minutes and 23 seconds now I’m going to get pissed!

Chase Forth

“Has there been any early indications of how much data Stadia uses per hour internally at Google?” I know they may be hesitant to answer but it’s worth a shot 🙂


What makes Stadia better then prior services like On Live / GeForce Now

Email from Sebastian

I’m the “gutsy” guy from Gamescom that you have talked about in StadiaCast 22.

First of all, I want to say thank you to you both for your Podcast. I’m a Stadia Founder since the first day (even if it doesn’t officially release in my country) and was driving to Gamescom (6h) mainly because of Stadia (I played 6 times there and got a Stadia sweater, so totally worth it). As you can see I’m really into Stadia, so I really appreciate your highly professional Podcast!


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