Switch Craft Show Notes 408

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On Episode … of Nintendo Switch Craft,

ARMS shows us where to go, Classic Doom gets an update, and a reason to log in. Plus your feedback on the next Smash character.

Those stores and more! On this episode of Nintendo Switch Craft.


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Story Links for this Episode

Arms official site redirects you (Not to worry though)

Thanks Mr. Iwata!


Jeremy calls in (Make sure fader is up)

Email from Froozog

You said you are still having frame rate issues with Zelda but you have also said installing the game on the system could fix this.So if you have a back up of your game then you could uninstall it, remove the SD card and reinstall on the system.

In regards to Pokemon version exclusives. You and your son can pick up duplicates then trade them. So other than the legendary, you should be able to collect most of them, including Sir’fetchd, even if you aren’t playing Sword.

Email from Nick

I agree with you on loot boxes and other money sucking stuff.  Did you like the old days, no internet just your cart and game console.? I worry that soon the switch will not have a cart slot. If that happens I will retire from gaming.  I think you should be able to pay for a game “ONE AND DONE. I want to Thank You for spreading the word about what might be the end of console gaming. 

Email from James

I want to talk about Mario Kart Tour after you recently discussed on your show.

The game isn’t as fun as Mario Kart Deluxe on the Switch. It never will be. However, for a phone game, I think it is pretty fun. There are settings you can adjust, but generally I am able to steer my kart and enjoy the game.
Now let’s talk about the pay model. I will probably never pay real money for the game. $5 a month for minimal content is not worth it. I might consider at $1 a month, though. The rubies to unlock new karts and drivers through a gacha system are also not worth it. If Nintendo offered a bunch of permanently unlocked content for about $10 like Super Mario Run, I think I would do it.
Time will tell if Nintendo’s sales approach to this game will work. However, for now I am happy to enjoy a Mario Kart race on my phone for free for a few minutes here and there.

Email from Scott

Hey Bill… you told us we were free to tell you you’re wrong. 🙂 But
not on the topic you were talking about (which I agreed).

The detail I wanted to bring up was your comment about corporations
having a legal obligation to maximize shareholder profits. This is a
common myth often repeated around the internet, podcasts, and news
stories, but it is not true.

  (see the last/third point)


Would be good to put an end to this “old wive’s tale” as many
justifications and rants I’ve heard have been based on this
misconception. If the person realized it wasn’t actually the case, it’d
often change the dialog considerably.


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