Stadia Cast Show Notes Episode 28


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Main Discussion

We’ve got a launch date!


Story 1

Controller confusion

Story 2

WiFi only

Story 3

Crowd Play

Comment from TrzaReactor about RDR2’s framerate.

Hey Bill, that was my initial tweet to Phil Harrison. I was shocked to get a reply! In regards to RDR2 I believe if RDR2 is 4k60 capable on PC it will be on Stadia too. I can’t see why they’d provide a lower version when Stadia is more than capable of running the game at high levels and I’m sure the Stadia team wouldn’t be happy with an inferior version as it doesn’t put their platform in the best light. It’s not a good look if your promoting Stadia as a powerful system yet top tier games are no better than an Xbox One X version. I think rdr2 is 4k60 but we’ll have to wait and see. If it isn’t to me that’s a major fail!

Comment from Ichor De Dionysos

What I think, as they announced it now and it did not come up earlier, that this is the reason: They are already struggling to get everything ready by November 19th that they threw stuff out of their launch roadmap. Stuff like setting screens where you would select your input source. Stadia does not know on PC what I want to play with, the keyboard or the controller? This is way easier to decide if you check if a controller is connected to your PC or not. If connected use the controller, if not use the keyboard. I guess this is harder with the controller from a UX perspective.Show less

Twitter DM from Klaus

Hey guys. A few questions for your brilliant Stadiacast show. LOVE it btw! – The free games you get with a pro subscription; do you think those will be from the existing catalogue, or new games arriving? – Do you have to be a pro subscriber, the minute a free game is given, in order to get it, or can you as a base subscriber, get that game for free, if you go pro in the days afterwards? Cheers from Denmark, Klaus


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