Stadia Cast Show Notes Episode 30


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Main Discussion


Story 1

there’s a family link app in the ios app store

Mario Garth

Story 2

Many modern routers already have traffic prioritization options (QoS). I’ve used them with mixed results. Many of them can prioritize either a specific device or a service (e.g. “YouTube traffic” or “Netflix traffic”). They haven’t always behaved well, depending on the router, but hopefully since Google has a vested interest in Stadia, this will pan out to be a good implementation. I expect other routers to have this option eventually, and even if they don’t have the service-level option specifically to target “Stadia traffic”, most modern routers will at least let you pick your Chromecast Ultra or other preferred device(s) to prioritize traffic


Check your tv to see if it supports cec, that’s how devices can send commands back over HDMI, some TV’s have it off by default

Robert F. Harris Jr.

Story 3

Crowd Play

I don’t mind the cost of the game being £60 for a AAA title. However there has to be some assurances that these games will be playable indefinitely. Imagine sinking thousands of ££s into a library only for Stadia to shut up shop and you lose all your games.REPLY0 replies

Ross Taylor

Regardless of the port changes they need to do I don’t think it should be the same price even for a new game. I think they should follow steam as an example, they have to port a pc version yet games are normally cheaper than a standard console game, because we don’t actually own the game if we purchase on steam. I think new should be £10 less old games around the same or £5 cheaper…. point it, steam you don’t own the game, and you don’t on stadia.

Samurai Squirrel


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