Stadia Cast Show Notes Episode 31


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Main Discussion



Story 1

Story 2

Is Steam cooking up competition for Stadia?

Story 3

Markiplier fans get bans

There is now an official discord. (But make sure you join my discord)

Crowd Play

Joel emails

I think pricing for new games on Stadia will stay consistent at around $60 for now. As you stated, the price of a game has remained fairly steady for decades, and publishers want to recoup development costs quickly.

One interesting thing to consider is that pricing in Japan is quite different. Every game is released at its own price point. For example DQ 11 S has an MSRP ~$88, BOTW ~$76, Mario Odyssey ~$65. I wouldn’t be surprised if a highly anticipated game eventually tries this here. How many people would cancel a game like Cyberpunk’77 over $10.  I don’t see this happening soon though

The app is developed using Flutter which is cross platform. Therefore the iOS app will look and work very similarly.

Lars Rye Jeppesen – in response to the Google Stadia App.

Hey, did you hear that the PS5 is supposed to be at 10.1 teraflops for the GPU while Stadia will be at 10.7?

Michael Mordecai

Google has put too much money and time into Stadia to pull the plug in a year. The fear that I have is that Stadia is the new Google+ where they will flail around desperately to prop up their creation (YouTube integration comes to mind), gives up, lets it languish for years and finally put it out of its misery. And if that happens, we don’t know what happens to our access to our games.

Alex Rolli


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