Stadia Cast Show Notes Episode 32


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Main Discussion

Currently you can’t stream directly from stadia, you can capture clips.


Story 1

X-Cloud has 50 games, is it end times?

Story 2

How do they get rid of latency?

Story 3

My Chromecast has updated to pair with a Stadia Controller.

Crowd Play

People need to understand that for once, they are playing it pretty smart. If they give us minimal features, they can fix any glitches quickly. If they release all features instantly and have glitches on all features, bye bye Stadia. People will run their service into the ground before base launch. They’re already trying to call it another dropped Google project. There might even be too much on John’s mind to even give the answer you want to hear because of confusion from stress. I’ve been a YouTube TV subscriber since the beginning and it has come a long way. Any time there has been a glitch, I’ve received a free week of service even if I didn’t personally experience it. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Quit complaining until you actually have something to complain about. 😁

Nick Zello

A question I had around Stadia Pro members was- If you were to purchase a game that then becomes the “free” game, would you be compensated in any way, or are the free games only going to be brand new (as in made available that week) to mitigate this happening?

Julian Victorian


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