Stadia Cast Show Notes Episode 40


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What have we been playing?


The silence is deafening (The twitter team needs to be a person)

The next time you play Stadia it might work on your phone

Farming Simulator on Stadia is good for Giant Games

Stadia 2P Games

Crowd Play

You can’t pre-order on Stadia

Well, I do understand that there news or videos about this kind of concern. People who’s giving us feedback about Stadia helps us a lot to improve. We’re still doing our best to improve our system. But Stadia is not dying, we are growing and improving. I’ll just base it on the Reddit and Stadia community, we started with few numbers but right now still getting more and more people joining Stadia and enjoying it.

I hope this helps you about Stadia, And aside from this, we our providing more games to our customer. Because game developers trust us and know that we can provide a excellent game service. I know that we had a bad start but we keep on correcting those mistakes to make sure that customers will get what they paid for. I understand how you feel about not spending money because you might lose it. But trust me, I’m also a gamer and I really know how you feel. I really don’t see any problem that will cause Stadia to shut down.

Listener Chris sent in something that was said to them from a Customer Service


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