Switch Craft Show Notes 458

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On Episode … of Nintendo Switch Craft,

Your dream Switch Pro! Speedrunning in place, Mario and Luigi coming back

Those stores and more! On this episode of Nintendo Switch Craft.


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Story Links for this Episode

Speedrunning in place

Will Mario and Luigi come back?

No lootboxes for unboxes!

More Mario Updates!

Pikmin 3 site down!


Email from listener Scott

Everyone has their wishlists for a more-powerful “Switch Pro”. However most of these wishlists would result in a fragmentation of the Switch game market. I know Nintendo has done this before back with the DS, but I feel this was a fluke and a bad idea. For Nintendo to pull such a thing again with the current popularity of the Switch would be dangerous to its success. I don’t think it’d be wise for Nintendo to do anything that could risk toppling the Switch’s current status, which in many ways is still precarious.

Here’s how the “Switch Pro” could actually work to provide users an upgrade WITHOUT fragmenting the game market:

– 1920×1080 display (upgrade from 720p)
– undocked/portable games now run as fast as docked.
– OLED (for improved colors, contrast and battery life. Also allows for a thinner display, so more room inside)
– Increased internal built-in storage (already trivial since the 32GB in the original Switch is a removable module)
– Improved battery life
– Improved kickstand
– More durable case (magnesium alloy?)
– Bluetooth headset support
– Upgraded joycons with proper D-pads
– Themes (my thinking here: perhaps Nintendo has avoided themes for so many years because doing so would result in performance issues in the UI. So with an upgraded CPU perhaps then this would no longer be a concern. I am not, howevever, convinced that the current Switch couldn’t handle themes. If it can run a full 3D game, then when not playing a game it can certainly handle themes in the home menu. Once a game loads, the UI theme is unloaded and is no longer running).


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