Switch Craft Show Notes 469

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On Episode … of Nintendo Switch Craft,

It’s Saturday essentially the mailbag episode of the week, you’ve been sending in comments and questions using the #askrjs and on Saturdays I respond to them.

Those stores and more! On this episode of Nintendo Switch Craft.


Switch Craft is brought to you live every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Tune in live at Twitch.tv/runjumpstomp/ On Saturdays I record a show that is all about what you want me to talk about, use the #ASKRJS on Twitter, or in the community discord server. This episode of Switch Craft is made possible by Patrons like FrozenSnickers Get SwitchCraft and my other content ad free for as little as a dollar at Patreon.com/RunJumpStomp/

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I was wrong bout the Animal Crossing Switch – thanks Listener Nick G.

The mailing list is growing fast!

I was just wondering what caused you to start your podcasts and why you chose those specific topics

Discord user Redeyedjedi354

Are micro transactions the result of game prices remaining steady (actually going down adj for inflation)? If so I wonder if people would be willing to pay a little more for a game to be micro transaction free? I would. Maybe make it optional.

Discord user Darren

Have you every felt that your back log is so large that you feel overwhelmed? With the great deals and sales going on the eShop it gets to where some people can have too many games and not enough time. I know for myself that I have recently made a list of games that I have to beat before buying another game. Hopefully I will have it done before Animal Crossing comes out . Anyway, thank you for your show and keep up the great work!

Discord user JesterScott

I’m not going to theorize on which character will come in the fighter, but I will theorize on mii outfits. I think that a bendy from bendy and the ink machine would be be a good brawler outfit. Also if Crash Bandicoot isn’t a fighter I think he would be a brawler outfit. For sword fighters, I think Jevil from Deltarune would be a good Toby Fox rep and would be cool to have with Sans. 

Listener Ooferton


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