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Saturday Switch Craft!

Those stores and more! On this episode of Nintendo Switch Craft.


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Bill, I wanna know what was the first game that got you hooked on gaming. Not necessarily the first game you ever played. Because mine was a stand-up arcade of defender. What really got me hooked was a link to the past and it was all downhill from there.

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I was thinking about the back of general direct and it actually made sense to me.  If Nintendo doesn’t tell us what it has to release later in the year, it almost forces is to be excited for Animal Crossing.  People will buy the game since there is nothing announced to save their money for.  Me personally, I have zero interest in Animal Crossing, but I have been so starved for Nintendo news that I watched the Animal Crossing direct.  On a positive, they just announced the first Switch game that I am excited for since Mario Maker 2 and that Dangerous Driving 2! 

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