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Firmware update, Free games, Magnets for Mario… Nintendo Switch Craft – A Nintendo Podcast — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
  1. Firmware update, Free games, Magnets for Mario…
  2. Nintendo speaks, Lots of Switches sold in March, SEGA has a baby.
  3. Correction, and AskRJS 30 May 2020
  4. 2K Confusion, Xenoblade is here!
  5. Xenoblade comparisons, 2K answers, Bioshock Sticker shock, missing NES and SNES games

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Bill, it is well known that you don’t like Monopoly. Are there any board games that you do enjoy playing?

Discord Member Pat Duddy

Hey Bill. So, I have been thinking lately about how games are brought to you or presented to you before release. Back in the day, you had a magazine article or an obscure commercial but most of your buying decision was from the name, the cover art and a couple of pictures and a description on the back while you stood there making a decision in the store. Now, you have massive trailers, websites, news articles, reviews, review scores, developer insights, gameplay, and tons more all before the game even releases. Do you think the over saturation of information of a game before we buy it really skews our playthrough experience? or is all of it necessary with the size of games today and how many are out there in the market? I really miss that mystery of a game and being able to experience it without already knowing so much about it.

Discord Member Blaisakin


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