Stadia Savepoint: May updates

Today, Google published Stadia Savepoint for May, recapping the biggest updates and content that was announced for the cloud-gaming platform this month. That includes news from top publishers like ZeniMax, 2K Games, and Ubisoft launching games on Stadia this year, building out the Stadia library with more games than ever available for Stadia Pro subscribers, and adding new functionality to the platform.

See below for May’s Stadia Savepoint in full:

We’re back with another update in our Stadia Savepoint series—here’s what happened in May. This month, our community started playing EmbrJotun: Valhalla EditionSundered: Eldritch Edition, DOOM 64, and many other games that arrived for purchase on the Stadia store. We also announced new games coming this year, including The Elder Scrolls Online on June 16th, PGA TOUR 2K21 on August 21st, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in Holiday 2020.

On June 3rd, we’ll update our current Stadia Pro offer from two free months to one free month for new users. So if you haven’t already signed up, head over to before June 3rd to claim your two free months of Stadia Pro.

Stadia Pro updates

  • Get six new games for free with Stadia Pro in June: Get Packed, Little Nightmares, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, SUPERHOT, Panzer Dragoon Remake, and The Elder Scrolls Online (June 16).
  • 12 existing games still available to add to your Stadia Pro collection: Destiny 2: The Collection, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, GRID, Serious Sam Collection, Spitlings, Stacks On Stacks (On Stacks), SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech, SteamWorld Dig 2, SteamWorld Heist, Zombie Army 4: Dead War, The Turing Test, and GYLT.
  • Ongoing discounts for Stadia Pro subscribers: Check out the web or mobile Stadia store for the latest.

Recent content launches on Stadia

New games coming to Stadia

Wireless Stadia Controller functionality on web
We added support for wireless play using the Stadia Controller in a Chrome browser. Just pair your Stadia Controller on by typing the linking code shown on your screen.

1440p on web
Players with an active Stadia Pro subscription plus the necessary hardware and network speeds can now play Stadia at up to 1440p resolution in their Chrome browser.

That’s it for May—we’ll be back soon to share more updates. As always, stay tuned to the Stadia Community Blog, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest news

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