Stadia may be getting ready for YouTube integration!

Update. A developer reached out to me with the following screenshot.

“This window is meant for managing your live stream. To visit other areas of Stadia like settings and full player profiles, use your main Stadia window (but remember that your live stream viewers can see what you do there)”

Image submitted by anonymous Stadia developer.

Discord community member AquaRegia found some very interesting things in the developer tools in Chrome. I’ve spoken to a developer that is working on Google Stadia game and they have confirmed that this information is legitimate.

I have no way of knowing how long this code has been here for but, fantastic find by AquaRegia.

Will update this story as more information develops

Here it shows that you’ll have to set up your YouTube account before starting streaming for the first time.

And here it says you can use your favorite software to live stream on Stadia. Also talks about Crowd choice

This could mean that the feature is on its way, or it could mean that we have ages to wait, no way to really know.

AquaRegia also posted a Reddit thread with a few more screen shots.

Tune in tomorrow for Stadiacast and we’ll talk about this.

Check out the data yourself

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