Crayta and Wave break Stadia news

Crayta, the game that allows players to create, collaborate, share, and play multiplayer games, launches First on Stadia on July 1! Available free for Stadia Pro subscribers, Crayta is also available for purchase on the Stadia store as Crayta: Premium Edition and Crayta: Deluxe Edition.

Crayta launches with State Share Beta, an early version of the Stadia feature called State Share. With State Share Beta, players can simply create a link within Crayta and share it with other players, sending them instantly into their game to collaborate and play. See below for more details and a trailer on how State Share Beta will work at launch!

Crayta will also have Premium and Deluxe editions which come with outfits for your character as well as in game currency which is used to buy more outfits.

On top of that we also have a release date for Wavebreak.

If you missed our interviews with devs from either game you can check them out below.

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