Stadia Cast Show Notes Episode 68


Before we get started – We record this show live! Sunday mornings at 10am Eastern at

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What have we been playing?


3 Games announced by Stadia

UNO on its way

Cake Bash Rated by German Ratings board

Latest APK Teardown

WaveBreak Patched

OMD3 Patched

Crowd Play


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Music your about to hear is Subterranean Kamikaze by Zircon, check out their stuff at

State Share is really amazing in Hitman 3 Stadia Cast – A Google Stadia Podcast

Watch live — Support this podcast:
  1. State Share is really amazing in Hitman 3
  2. State Share! Project Hailstorm!
  3. The BEST pro games for 2020.
  4. Our favorite games of 2020
  5. Final episode of the year!

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