New Exclusive Outcasters Screenshots. Oh, and they answered some of our questions.

Before you get started reading the interview, you should check out the official Outcasters TwitterOutcasters Instagram, and Outcasters Discord!!!

Oh, and if you didn’t know, we’ve got a podcast all about Stadia! You should definitely listen to it, or watch it. Totally up to you!

Q: Can you describe for our community what kind of game that Outcaster is? 

A: Outcasters is a fast-paced, competitive, and chaotic shooter for up to 8 players. It’ll test your speed, skill, and creativity if you want to win.

Q: How long is the average match? Will the game be quick to pick up and play, or require a long time investment in each match?

A: Matches can be short if you’re really good! But we want you to be able to enjoy Outcasters no matter how much time you have. You can pick up and play for a few matches, or play it for ages with your friends.

It’s why Stadia is the perfect platform for Outcasters; it’s so easy to jump in with your friends straight away.

Q: Do your characters level up at all with play, or are any drops or unlocks just cosmetics?

A: You unlock abilities over your first few levels as you learn the game, but everything else is up to you!

Q: With support for both Keyboard/Mouse and controller (as well as touch controls on mobile) are you planning to separate people using different input methods for matchmaking?

A: We aren’t, but we’ve made sure that the different control methods all feel amazing to play.

Q: What Stadia specific features have you included in the game, any planned support for crowd play?

A: We aren’t talking about this just yet, but keep your eyes peeled!

Q: Why did you bring this game to Stadia in particular?

A: I don’t need to tell you, but Stadia is a really cool platform! Having no downloads, minimal load times, the ability to play anywhere and on any device is revolutionary. We thought Outcasters was the perfect fit.

Q: How has the development process been so far on Stadia? 

A: The team have been amazing to work with, but I won’t embarrass myself by trying to talk about the technical stuff! We’ll be talking more about that sort of thing in the future.

Q: Do you have any plans for post-release content you could share with us?

A: Not just yet! But Outcasters fans will have plenty to look forward to

Q: What is the coolest feature of the game that you can’t wait for people to play with?

A: Honestly, I’m just so excited to see people get their hands on it! Obviously, we’ll see some crazy customisations, but I want to see just how good people are going to get at it, and some of the amazing plays people will be able to pull off!

Q: What question do you wish that we had asked about Outcasters?

A: Where to find out more! Here’s Twitter and here’s the Splash Damage website!

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