Switch Craft Show Notes 590

Deep dive on Steve and Alex

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Another Switch in the Family

  • Steve and Alex from Minecraft deep dive
  • The Basics:¬†Like in¬†Minecraft, players can hold down the attack button to walk while repeatedly swinging a sword, axe or pickaxe. These attacks have short range, but wide reach. These tools can also be used for abilities new to the¬†Super Smash Bros.¬†franchise: Mine, Craft and Create Block.
  • Mine:¬†While battling, Steve and Alex can use their tools to dig into the ground or walls of each stage to extract materials. The materials found ‚Äď dirt, wood, stone, iron, gold and diamond ‚Äď will depend on the type of surface Steve and Alex dig into. Dig into the tree-filled Kongo Jungle, for example, and players will find an abundance of wood, while iron can be discovered on the Corneria stage.
  • Craft:¬†After mining, players can then craft using the materials they collected. Steve and Alex‚Äôs tools have limited durability and can break, so crafting new tools is vital to maintaining an advantage on the battlefield. By standing in front of a crafting table, which will appear on the stage, players can use materials to craft these tools ‚Äď the more valuable the material, the more powerful the tool!
  • Create Block:¬†Another move that Steve and Alex can use is Create Block. By activating this ability, players will, well,¬†create a block! These blocks can be stacked and strategically placed as defensive maneuvers. Blocks also use materials, like crafting, so players will have to continue to mine to maintain their material supply.
  • Final Smash:¬†Steve and Alex‚Äôs explosive Final Smash is called House of Boom. After destroying the Smash Ball, players will summon a giant piston, which sends opponents flying into the House of Boom. From there, the iconic Creepers from¬†Minecraft¬†will set off an explosion, dealing massive damage.

CATS! Mario Amiibo Peach Amiibo

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Why aren't Amiibo in Mario Kart Live? Nintendo Switch Craft – A Nintendo Podcast

Show notes Get these episodes early. — This episode is sponsored by ¬∑ Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
  1. Why aren't Amiibo in Mario Kart Live?
  2. Mario Kart Live! Split screen goodness, Delays of course, double packs and more!
  3. Minecraft Steve has a surprise for you.
  4. Torchlight 3 looks GREAT. Can Epic’s lawsuit with Apple affect the Switch? Get your joycons cheaper in Japan.
  5. Copy Pasta

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